BSF 2015 – The day after assessment

The day after the Brussels Summer Festival 2015 I’m wondering if I should evaluate my experience. The overall event has left me tepid. Although the size of the organisation is that of any other festival, the atmosphere was lacking. Usually, when you go to a festival, you live as if the rest of humanity didn’t exist. There’s only you and a whole bunch of other music lovers fully immersed in a world made of beautiful tunes. You’re usually exhausted by sleeping in an uncomfortable tent, yet you feel relaxed and peaceful (not only because of several joints you happened to smoke). That fenced ground becomes your little piece of paradise for a few intense days. And this was missing from the BSF. Continua a leggere “BSF 2015 – The day after assessment”


MUSIC: Half Moon Run

A group with such a name that plays the 31st of October can only be a positive surprise, don’t you think?

A young Leonardo di Caprio – no offence intended, on the contrary – creates a beautiful link with the audience, almost like there was no two-meters-high stage between the public and the music. I honestly don’t like all their songs, but they have one of the things I value most in a music band: a natural feel for the audience.




Born in 2012 this brussel based lighthearted and humorous band is for me a new discovery. Although, for now, their discography is not very rich – in quantity – it’s very good quality music.

With sounds influenced by Californian pop-rock music, they give themselves completely on stage, so go see them live! The energy is great.



MUSIC: Little X Monkeys

A brand new folk band born in Namur (Belgium) in 2012. They produced their first EP “Black Bird” in March 2013. Listening to them is a bit like being thrown in the middle of some old pub in the USA or a romantic version of a cool bar in Texas.

If you have the chance to see them live, do! I really think the registration doesn’t do them justice, in particular Marjorie Piret’s voice is something you don’t want to miss. They are very good at creating a good show too.

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