Will you play with me some more?

Dettagli (9)

I’ve ruled out the sunny day, as well as the drinking.

It’s not the music: she comes after, to make it all perfect.

It’s not the friends either.

I can’t seem to be able to identify the drug that gives me this energy: I feel like I could stay up all night and day for weeks! Sleeping is unnecessary: an annoying routine that my body requests out of habit, but doesn’t really need.

Is it the freedom of finally feeling in control of my own time?

Is it the intoxicating power of being able to play at 4 am without annoying anyone?

Is it just the night that inspires me?

Or could it really be the positive energy of sex?

The luxurious taste of a night of passion that lasts for days and asks for more. Flesh meeting flesh. Rushing blood. The confused excitement of being unable to react to the other’s rash move, but being at the same time eternally grateful for his recklessness. Caving in has never felt more right. I can’t help but grin and laugh like a kid playing her favorite game, what’s the point of being so serious about it? Life is already too solemn, so let’s enjoy its sweet moments wearing a rebellious smile.

Attraction is an unpredictable and very selective feel, but when it hits the mark, bliss follows. Hands in hands with curiosity you feel inspired by a fascinating human being and without knowing, you start to Want. Your desire becomes obvious when, consuming it, you rejoice in being chosen. My thirst though is never quenched and my lust is but more aroused by its fulfillment. I will always hope for more, that’s what keeps me awake and excited.

So, will you play with me again?



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