Smile, you’re live!

© Nakjry
© Nakjry

Skating past a row of raised phones I suddenly feel observed. All these faces that look through high quality screens are so worried to capture this instant that they don’t live it and never will.

What of the sounds around them? What of the smells? What of the friends they came with? What of the emotions they will boast about? They freeze the scene for the absents and posterity. Their sight focused on the little show recorded by their plastic boxes. The five inch people on the monitor much more interesting than the real ones standing a few feet away from them. Their fingers itch to share the precious evidence with acquaintances and family: “Look how much fun I’m having!”. Proof of events they have watched as if they weren’t there.

We have lost the art of enjoying the moment, savouring every second we experience with the people we love. We have abandoned the craft of leaving the memory build into a story that grows and develops with the telling. Today we can show instant reality and therefore we must.



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