Back at school


I enter the deserted building following the little signs in the lobby. The lift brings me effortlessly to the second floor which is in complete darkness. Am I too early? Is the University still closed? I feel like a burglar: alone and afraid of any sound I might make.
I wait still a few seconds and then decide to stagger in the vague direction of what looks like a doorway hoping to encounter a switch on my way there.As soon as I move my first steps a light goes off lighting up the small hallway. Now quite assured that some sensor will detect my presence and light my way I keep going with confidence. The room is right in front of me with its big white sign SJ01, but it’s locked. I guess I can’t get my seat just yet. I flop down on the floor and take out my kindle to continue my reading. In a few minutes the room is dark again: I don’t move therefore I’m not there. Bloody ecological lights!


Tic tic tic tic tic go the several hundreds of fingers in the room. The speed makes me dizzy.Wait, there’s something wrong… the sound is too fast, too thick. The man in front of me, the one with the microphone is talking placidly, repeating several times the essential message. I glance at my page, my notes barely cover half a page of my brand new notebook.
Damn this sound is distracting! What’s everybody writing about anyway, are they just mindlessly typing everything they hear? I have a good angle on the screen of the closest Macbook and I quietly peek in: the quickly updating Facebook wall looks back at me. I should have guessed it.



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