BSF 2015 – The day after assessment

The day after the Brussels Summer Festival 2015 I’m wondering if I should evaluate my experience. The overall event has left me tepid. Although the size of the organisation is that of any other festival, the atmosphere was lacking. Usually, when you go to a festival, you live as if the rest of humanity didn’t exist. There’s only you and a whole bunch of other music lovers fully immersed in a world made of beautiful tunes. You’re usually exhausted by sleeping in an uncomfortable tent, yet you feel relaxed and peaceful (not only because of several joints you happened to smoke). That fenced ground becomes your little piece of paradise for a few intense days. And this was missing from the BSF. Continua a leggere

Lust is my wholesome sin

Dettagli (10)
Mesmerized by the sight of some skin, enchanted by the curve of a neck, she fights to control her painful desire to touch and be touched. She struggles to repress the urge to reach out to those beautiful arms and feel their warmth wrapping around her. She dreams of burying her face in someone’s chest, breathing in their scent and losing herself in a strong possessive embrace. Continua a leggere

La solitudine dietro al suo sorriso

Ho un ricordo indistinto, di quelli che non sai più dire con certezza se sia reale, sognato o costruito. Mia madre mi dice che somiglio a mio zio Paul, suo fratello, perché ho la tendenza a non dare alcun valore al denaro. Il suo tono non è di rimprovero, anzi è tenero, ma velato d’inquietudine. Il mio stile di vita la preoccupa. Teme di rivedere davanti ai miei passi aprirsi le trappole in cui mio zio è caduto. Non credo si sia mai perdonata di averlo lasciato andare per la sua strada. Continua a leggere

Will you play with me some more?

Dettagli (9)

I’ve ruled out the sunny day, as well as the drinking.

It’s not the music: she comes after, to make it all perfect.

It’s not the friends either.

I can’t seem to be able to identify the drug that gives me this energy: I feel like I could stay up all night and day for weeks! Sleeping is unnecessary: an annoying routine that my body requests out of habit, but doesn’t really need. Continua a leggere